10 Amazing and Easy Self Care Tips

10 Amazing and Easy Self Care Tips

I want to say thank you so much for joining us. Please subscribe go ahead and hit that share button and like button let everybody know. Today we are going to go ahead and get into some great information to give you 10 tips for self care you can do right at home so let’s go ahead and get into the information.

01. Clean Up Your Surroundings
I’m going to go ahead and say clean up your surroundings you will be so impressed with just with a clean atmosphere can do for you go ahead and do that laundry to go ahead and wash those dishes clean out the fridge vacuum and dust change the bed sheets just do some spring cleaning put some good smelling sense in your home just those things can I lift up your mood also you might want to add some aromatherapy to your atmosphere a good one would be a hyssop Jasmine Lavender is always a good one and Pennyroyal those scents are going to uplift the mood uplift you make it feel a little bit better about what’s going on and also just calm you down as well so again clean up your place go ahead and add some aromatherapy to your environment and also let the sunlight in if you can

02. Relaxing Music
Put on some amazing music, anything that’s going to uplift your mood puts you in a nice Vibe chill relaxing state. Right now I’m listening to Damien Escobar. He’s a violinist and he’s amazing any time I listen to him I instantly feel better. I suggest you go ahead and you look them up cuz he’s amazing

03. Bathroom into a Spa
Turn your bathroom into a spa when is the last time you took a nice relaxing bath that amazing candles or just smell great nice aromatherapy are you can even get a spot pillow for your neck so you can kind of lean back in your tub and just trying to relax and just melt away the stress and melt away the drama. We do offer all these products online at our store at SpaLuxorMassage.com we have the aromatherapies we have the spa pillows and the candles all those things. I’ll tell you more about that later.

04. Herbal Tea
Add a nice warm cup of herbal tea don’t forget on our site SpaLuxorMassage.com we have a whole array of herbal teas. What I do suggest for a nice self-care session or a nice self-care Sunday. Adding Berry Bloom this tea is aromatic and very healing. It is very comforting, relaxing and soothing. You definitely want to add that to your self care routine so go ahead jump on over the spa Luxor massage. Calm and go ahead and add that to yourself care

05. Journaling
Journaling when I say Journal I mean write down how you feel right now you’re feeling right now on your mood right down what’s going on in your mind how what’s going on in your life at that particular time it’s also a good idea to get everything out on paper and then some times put that journal away and go back to it in a month or two later just to kind of reflect on how you felt, what you were going through. You would be so surprised to see how much you’ve overcome within that time frame or just you’ll see a lot of time to notice that you’ll be in a better position and just you’ll feel better so definitely want to go ahead and journal.

06. Decompress
Take time to decompress from people that stress you out and spend time with people that make you smile and make you happy and bring positivity to your life this is the time you definitely want to go ahead and just spend that quality time with the amount of people that add to your life you don’t want anybody necessarily in this particular time if you’re doing self-care to take away from you when you. may not you may be trying to replenish you know how you feel and you need people are going to add to that in that particular time

07. Get Into Nature
Getting to Nature if you have an opportunity to go to and nature trail go to the beach go take a nice walk I’ll be around some trees and birds some water definitely do so that alone is going to just rejuvenate you make you feel better kind of Center you are you definitely want to do that also breaks up the deck so you take an opportunity to Nature some great stuff so scared to say

08. Say No
Sometimes people will ask us to do things we may not want to do and we feel guilty we feel obligated we feel like oh my God will they did this for us so we kind of need to do this for them if you don’t feel it in that moment or you just feel like you’re not up to spending time with people don’t feel guilty about it just tell them politely “No”, and just thank them for the invitation but you know let them know whenever you have an opportunity you will go ahead and get back in contact with them or right now may not be the best time so just definitely go ahead and put you first in this time it is self-care it’s okay to be selfish during self-care time because if you don’t have you you can’t give to anyone else so it’s all right to just go ahead and tell them not at this time but I will get back with you shortly so don’t feel guilty about that.

09. Meditate
Meditate pray give thanks if you have an opportunity to take a quiet time of the day doesn’t have to necessarily be at a scheduled time but whenever you have the opportunity go ahead and give thanks reflect on the good things you have in your life you have people in your life that care about you you have friends that are there for you, you have co-workers you can reach out to, you have clergy members that are there and neighbors that are caring for you if you don’t have those things there’s always other opportunities to reach out to people online definitely wanting to be there for you just take a moment to reflect say thank you thank you whatever power you believe in and meditate on the good things in your life you’ll see that your mood will increase your spirits will pick up and it’s just a great way to help you continue on with the rest of your day and the rest of your week.

10. Get Some Rest
Our tenth and final tip is get some rest if you feel like you need to sleep in if you need to take a nap during the day at a kind of recharge or if you need to call in make sure you got enough days before you call and I don’t want to get fired or anything like that. Just go ahead and do so just kind of take that moment to let your body heal and let your body reset let your body rejuvenate. So this has been a segment or self-care thank you so much for joining us again. I’m Veronica and I’m here for you if you need to reach me at any time I can be reached at (813)-575-0588 or you can always catch me online at SpaLuxorMassage.com be sure to check out the store we do have those aromatherapy that I was telling you about we have the teas I was telling you about the Berry Blooms the Orange Outbursts all those things are going to help you during your self care a journey so until next time we’ll see you then and thanks again for joining and don’t forget to subscribe have a good one.